Hello, MSS Families.
After consideration of the COVID-19 positivity rates for Tama County and the Meskwaki Health Clinic, and a review of the most recent quarantine numbers for MSS, the MSS admin team and the school board have decided that we will extend virtual instruction for one more week. We plan to return to in-person instruction on Monday, January 31.
Students should continue to log on to classes during the assigned times next week: 9:00-12:00 for grades K-6 and 8:30-1:00 for grades 7-12. If you have issues with a device, or with Internet service, please contact the Elementary office (641-484-9000, ext 426 or 427) or the Middle & High School office (641-484-9000, ext 609 or 610).
We will send another message with details about the scheduling of food distribution next week.
During this period of virtual instruction, we ask you to keep students safe by limiting your activities outside the home and wearing masks when you go to an indoor space away from home. Please do all you can to stop or slow the spread of this virus.
If you have any questions, please call the school (641-484-9000) or write to the superintendent at the following address: shanson@msswarriors.org.
Thanks for your understanding and support.
Steve Hanson, Superintendent
Meskwaki Settlement School