On behalf of the Meskwaki Language Team, welcome!

The Meskwaki Language is gift from the Creator of Meskwaki and is spoken by Meskwaki people. The Meskwaki Settlement School has a moral obligation to provide all Meskwaki Children with the skills necessary to become productive members of society, and of these skills, literacy and fluency in the Meskwaki language is among the most important.  The Meskwaki Settlement School currently educates children through basic language instruction, but is working diligently to strive towards becoming a full Meskwaki language immersion school. Although we are far from our goal at this time, the Meskwaki Language Team continues to improve and develop strategies that are improving the quality of our Meskwaki Settlement School language programs. With their continuing efforts, we will reach our vision of producing second language speakers and teachers for the next generation.

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Language Nest