Due to a spike in the number of students testing positive for COVID-19, and the number of students exposed and assigned to quarantine, we are switching to virtual instruction for the rest of this week (Th & F) and all of next week. We will return to in-person instruction on Monday, January 24.

We will follow the same schedule and procedures for virtual instruction that we followed during our two-week period of virtual instruction last October. The information will be posted on our website and on Facebook. Parents and students can communicate with their teachers via email with any questions or concerns. We will take attendance for every class. If you have issues with Internet service, please contact the Elementary office (641-484-9000, ext 426 or 427) or the Middle & High School office (641-484-9000, ext 609 or 610).

Grab-&-Go meals will be available tomorrow (Thur) and on Tuesday next week. The food distributed tomorrow will last through Monday; the distribution on Tuesday will last the rest of the week. Curbside pickup times by the Elementary entrance will be 8:00-1:00 tomorrow and 8:00-1:00 on Tuesday next week. If a family cannot pick up during this range of time, they can call the office for a different arrangement. If a staff member is not out at the curb when you pull up, you can call the office or come to the door.
Attendance at home games this week and next will be limited to five (5) visitors per player. Visitors can get a code from their player and buy tickets online. The concession stand will serve only packaged food items and drinks. All games will be livestreamed; the activities director will share the links.

During this period of virtual instruction, we ask you to keep students safe by limiting your activities outside the home and wearing masks when you go to an indoor space away from home. Please do all you can to stop or slow the spread of this virus.
If you have any questions, please call the school (641-484-9000) or write to the superintendent at the following address: shanson@msswarriors.org.

Thanks, and have a great day.
Steve Hanson, Superintendent

Meskwaki Settlement School